Live Class Schedule Monday

Monday 6.30pm - 7.30pm (UK Time)

As with the on demand sessions this live Zoom session is specifically for runners. Aimed at building strength and stamina in key areas (hips, glutes and back) to improve running form and increase efficiency in your running. Suitable for all abilities.

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Thursday 7am - 7.30am (UK Time)

This live Zoom session is focused on stretching and mobility for runners.  It will target on the key areas that runners tend to get tight.  Improving flexibility and range of movement in the joints to improve and enhance your running form and efficiency.

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The live Zoom sessions are available to book independently or as a member.
They are both included in the monthly and annual membership.
Check your Welcome email for the voucher code to use when booking.

The sessions are recorded and are available to watch on the website.
If you are not a member then you will receive a link to the session recording which is valid for 1 week after your session.