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July 01 — August 05


Run Stronger - July
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July 16
I'm enjoying the monthly ones
92 %
I'd prefer to go back to the 6-8 week ones
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I'd like the option of a monthly and 6-8 week one
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Other.....comment below!
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June 30
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July 01 — August 05

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Want to Run Stronger?

Running faster, improving your form, feeling great, and enjoying each run, so you can't wait to get out on the roads and trails!

Sound good? Then join in this challenge to get you set up!

All the details and option to join are below

When - Monday 1st July -  Sunday 4th August

What - 4 x 20 minute Pilates sessions per week (strength and mobility)

[NB - Sometimes one or more of the 20 minute sessions will be split into 2 shorter videos which you stack together to make 20 minutes.  Alternatively, you can do them separately if time is tight on that day]

Who - As always anyone is welcome! Don't worry if you're new to PfR, when it gets challenging you can simply opt for the easier levels I offer in session.  

How -

  • Follow along each week with the sessions posted in this challenge.  They will be marked off as you work through them

  • You can do the sessions spread over the week as 4 x 20 minute Pilates sessions, or you can stack individual sessions together into a few longer sessions. Whatever works best for you!

  • PLEASE NOTE - you need to follow the sessions as shown in this challenge area.  If you follow the sessions shown in "Collections and Challenges" be aware that it will show some sessions as already "greyed out" if you have did them prior to the challenge. To qualify for the prize draw you need to have done the sessions in this challenge period

  • Post in the Community when you're finished so we can all celebrate together!

Why - Results come from being CONSISTENT, and the best way to do that is to have a PLAN! If you complete the challenge you'll also get entered into the prize draw of 3 months free!

Let me know if you have any questions.

I can't wait to see how you all do,

Liz x

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June 09, 2022
• Edited (Sep 18, 2023)

I'm really excited to see you here! Here's a few things to help you make the most of this area;

  • This "general" area/thread is where we can share updates, events and news.  Please add your own posts with photos and videos of what you're getting up to!

  • If you post a question or need a response from me, make sure you add in @Liz (Pilates for Runners) so I see it👍

  • I'd love you to share any goals you have and events you do, including photos if you have any in this area! You can either comment below with these, or create your own post

    You'll be surprised how inspiring it is for other runners to see, so brag away about your goals and wins!

  • Make sure you also check out the questions_and_support area/thread (Members Only) for help on finding the right sessions, getting adaptations to accommodate injuries, and any other support you need. 

I can't wait to hear what you're up to with your running and Pilates!

Liz x

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July 12

🍀Wishing you luck!🍀

Shout out to Katy Davies and Tuula Skinner who are both running the 100km at Race to the Stones this weekend 🥳  Wishing you all the luck Tuula and Katy, can't wait to hear how it goes!

Anyone else doing events this weekend? Share the details and some piccies from your runs with us all😁

Happy Friyay Pilates People 🙌

Liz x

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July 15

Wanted to share some of the awesomeness of love trails festival we're just driving back from the weekend; it's in Gower, South Wales and it's a trail running/music festival with a bit of everything from yoga, pilates, breathwork, adventure activities and a range of live music. Did the 10km "race" on Saturday but it was a slow plod with lots of queues for kissing gates etc. Also did run to the beach for a sea dip (18km round) and run to wine tasting. Did plenty of stretching/mobility stuff too. Finished with a wood fire hot tub too, overall an awesome weekend and highly recommend!

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July 15
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Just wanted to share the beautiful scenery of the Lundy Island Race that I did yesterday. A tough route of quite technical trail in places but absolutely stunning. Oh, and I did see puffins and seals too. Win win.

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July 15

🏃‍♀️Run Stronger Challenge - Week Three🏃‍♀️

How is it going for you?

This week's schedule is here 👆

Don't forget to shout if you need any help, support or encouragement!🙌

Wishing you a great week.

Liz x

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July 14
• Edited (Jul 14, 2024)

Not a running photo......😬
Been away for a couple of nights to Alicante with some friends. Took my running gear and I'd love to say I got out to explore the area on a run, but.........I didn't!
I lay on the beach, chatted with my friends and read my kindle 👌
Despite my first marathon being 8 weeks away, I felt like I just needed a complete break. There's been a lot going on at home recently and whilst physically I feel fine, mentally I was hitting a wall prior to this trip.
In the bigger picture I'd rather nurture my mental health than push on physically just for the sake of a single event or race.
I love running, I want to do my best, but there are some things I won't compromise on.
We all have differing priorities, be really clear on what yours are 🙌
Happy Sunday!
Liz x

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July 15

Completed 10 Minute Total - Foot, Calf and Ankle Strength #11, session 1 week 3. I enjoyed this session keeping it mostly to the lower level. Still struggling to raise my left heel. Easier on my right. Will need to do this session frequently to help with my running. Thanks Liz 😃👍

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July 08

🏃‍♀️Run Stronger Challenge - Week Two🏃‍♀️

Not too late to join us on this one if you haven't already!

Lots of work to improve our single leg strength and stability, which makes a HUGE difference to our running form and economy 💪

I hope you enjoy this week's sessions!

Liz x