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What Students are saying

Z Barton

Z Barton

January 2021

I have attended Liz’s Pilate’s classes regularly since April 2020 and although being a little hesitant at first as to the how the quality of live classes could be replicated via zoom, I have been so impressed at how well Liz has not only adapted to teaching to a high standard in this way but excels each week with varied, challenging and fun sequences that help to strength and condition the whole body. I have not only remained injury free but have also managed to maintain the ability to race at the same paces despite not having taken part in formal speed training work for many months; I definitely put this down to the runners specific targeted strength work that Liz incorporates into her Pilates for runners classes. I can’t recommend these sessions highly enough to any runner who wants to improve and strengthen their running form and fitness. Liz is great at offering knowledgeable advice and support before, during and after each session and shows a genuine enthusiasm for her work and pleasure in seeing her clients progress.
S Saunders

S Saunders

June 2020

Highly recommend Liz. She is a knowledgeable and highly motivating individual who knows her Pilates background thoroughly. Her classes are great fun and well worth a try.
K Raggett

K Raggett

July 2020

I have been doing Liz’s online morning pilates class during lockdown and have thoroughly enjoyed it. She has a lovely warm teaching manner and her enthusiasm is infectious. I like her attention to detail, gentle reminders of the position your body should be in and explanations of why we are doing the movements and how they can help in everyday life. I have found myself using her techniques during HIIT sessions to improve the quality of the workout and whilst running and walking to maintain a better posture and stability.

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