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November 18

My cat helping with my first Hip Flexor session! 🤦🏻‍♀️🤣


Congratulations and a very well done to all the members who completed the 9 week Autumn Challenge sessions👏👏👏🙌

There were so many of you who battled illness and other life demands to fit the sessions in.  Well done💜

It has been just fantastic to hear how much you have improved and benefited from doing it too 🤗

I got a friend to pick a name at random from all those who completed the challenge, and the winner of the 3 months memberships was.......... Grace Judge!!! Congratulations Grace 🥳

Quick reminder...the 12 Days of Christmas Challenge is now running December to get in all your stretching and mobility, then on 8th January the Kick Start Challenge gets going for the strength and mobility you need to start the New Year with a bang!🎉

Join via the private channels! 

Liz x

December 03
• Edited (Dec 03, 2023)

🎄12 Days of Christmas🎄

If you are looking to de-load and unwind over the Christmas holidays ready for a big 2024 of running, then check out this December challenge to get you sorted with your stretching and mobility sessions!

You can join via the "12_days_christmas" channel 🥳 (members only)

Liz x

Who is on a running adventure this weekend?!

Good luck with any races or XC that you may all be doing, and don't forget to let me know what you're up to so I can share it in the weekly newsletter!🙌

Happy Friday Pilates People 🥳

November 30

only 2 sessions left😄

Apparently, today is International Menopause Day! While I find these days a bit weird (and sometimes annoying), I thought I'd use this as an excuse to share some resources I wished I'd had when I went through "the change" a few years ago. All of these are for active women*!

The Well HQ: This isn't just for menopause but for athletic women's health in general. They do have a menopause category:

Dr. Juliet McGrattan writes for women* runners, including those going through peri-menopause: (through her Insta page I learned about Menopause Day...). 

Specifically for athletes going through menopause is this resource:

And lastly, the book that helped me discover almost all the above resources: "Up to Speed" by Christine Yu. Again, this is for all women* and it has a chapter on menopause (see )

(That * ?!? 🏳️‍⚧️ Yes, today is also International Pronoun Day, so I want to include people who might've been born with a female body and no longer identify as female and/or who have made changes to their hormone household, which will lead them also through menopause...)

Good Luck this Weekend!!

Best of luck to those running events this weekend, with a special shout out to Lynn Wilson who is running the San Sebastian 10K on Sunday!🥳 

Have a great weekend of running Pilates People 😘

Liz x

November 06

Hi there, loving the new feature so you can book more than one session at a time!  Presumably in Beta as a few teething problems but it's brilliant being able to book a block!  Thank you so much for continuing to develop the site/app 😀

November 29

Week 9session 2 Foot Calf & Ankle Strength completed. Geat workout, thanks Liz, Set off being able to raise the ankles almost fully but the height got less as the session went on especially my weaker left.

June 09, 2022
• Edited (Sep 18, 2023)

I'm really excited to see you here! Here's a few things to help you make the most of this area;

  • This "general" area/thread is where we can share updates, events and news.  Please add your own posts with photos and videos of what you're getting up to!

  • If you post a question or need a response from me, make sure you add in @Liz (Pilates for Runners) so I see it👍

  • I'd love you to share any goals you have and events you do, including photos if you have any in this area! You can either comment below with these, or create your own post

    You'll be surprised how inspiring it is for other runners to see, so brag away about your goals and wins!

  • Make sure you also check out the questions_and_support area/thread (Members Only) for help on finding the right sessions, getting adaptations to accommodate injuries, and any other support you need. 

I can't wait to hear what you're up to with your running and Pilates!

Liz x