About Me

About me

Hi, I'm Liz. I'm a certified Pilates Instructor, avid runner and mum to 2 boisterous and beautiful boys. I started practising Pilates over 12 years ago and it has changed my life. From improving my posture, keeping me strong and fit during my pregnancies and then helping with my post-pregnancy recovery, as well as reducing lower back pain.

I started running when I had children 10 years ago and it quickly became as important as my Pilates practice. Then I started to get running related niggles and injuries, and I would need to take periods off of running to recover. During one of those non-running periods I started to develop and adapt my Pilates practice to help me recover. I quickly found that not only was I recovering better, but I was coming back stronger and faster, and the niggles and injuries were not returning.

After that I did some more research and training to enable me to create effective Pilates sessions specifically for runners. To help runners not only prevent injury, but to improve their form and therefore their endurance, speed and overall performance. I started teaching a weekly session specifically for runners, which proved so popular I looked at other ways I could help support runners to enjoy running even more. That led me to create this website, so that runners could easily fit their strength and mobility sessions in around their running and other commitments.

To me Pilates is the perfect way to cross train with running. Not only does it balance out the high impact we put through the body when we run, and the muscle imbalances that can develop, it is also such a great way for everyone to reconnect the mind and body, to understand their body better and to tune into their own individual needs.Since I started Pilates I have not looked back, and to now be able to share that experience and knowledge to help others enjoy running even more is a privilege.