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K. Hislop (Membership)

"After over 2 years of training and preparation (Covid-delays and uncertainty), I finally completed the Marathon des Sables last week - actually had a really strong race finishing 17th woman and 149th overall.

Just wanted to say that in the build up I have been regularly using your Pilates sessions - for strength, mobility and recovery - and then every day in the desert I used your stretches and recovery positions after that day’s run  …. I am absolutely certain that all of this was instrumental in me having strong throughout and not suffering any aches or pains (less losing a toenail, which I’m not sure that anything could have prevented) from the event.

So … a huge thank you - I love all of your sessions!"

S. Bayliss (Membership)

"I wanted to drop you an email to say thank you for Pilates for Runners, it has literally got me back to running after back problems put a stop to it. I was an avid runner for years, with two marathons and various other challenges under my belt, plus teaching fitness classes in the evenings, but persistent back problems took over. [....] Last Christmas a huge flare up of back pain had me seeking physio advice again. Our conversation led on to general back health and I was advised that the possibility of running was not off the table and in fact was encouraged if done in a considered way and included Pilates practice.
I had been following you on Instagram for a while and doing some of the sessions anyway and so ramped this up and took out the monthly subscription. I then nervously embarked on couch to 5k as whilst I was keen to run again I was worried about triggering the previous pain. However, I have now completed the nine weeks and can run pain free. I truly believe the Pilates has been instrumental in this and your sessions have really helped me not only physically but to understand more of the bio mechanics of running and why we need to focus on specific things. Whilst I won't be running any more marathons it is just so nice to be able to head out for a 5k blast worry and pain free.
So, apologies for the lengthy email but I really just wanted to say a massive thank you, your sessions and teaching style definitely work for me and I am very glad I stumbled across you on Instagram all those months ago. Your Pilates sessions are now definitely part of my running and exercise routine and long may that continue. 
Thank you again"

A. Ellish (Membership)

"I started subscribing to Pilates for Runners during lockdown and I really love your classes. I generally do the 30 minute complete sessions, as well as the pre and post-run sessions. I love your clear instructions and variations on movements. I have not participated in many live classes because the timings don’t always work for me, so I really appreciate that I can watch the videos afterwards."

S. Chowdhury (Membership)

"I've been meaning to email you to say how much I'm enjoying my membership, the sessions are just brilliant"

L. Ryan (6 Week Beginner Course - May 2021)

"Just done my first mobility session on the beginners programme. Loved it. Clear precise instruction. Thank you"

Heather (6 Week Beginner Course and Subscription)

"Have finished your 6 week beginner course and repeated it again..it's had such a big impact on my running form! So have signed up to the subscription now..I'm converted to Pilates" (Instagram)

L. McGoldrick (6 Week Beginner Course and Membership)

"I’ve recently completed your beginners course and I’ve now moved onto the monthly subscription. As someone new to Pilates, I just wanted to let you know how helpful and enjoyable I am finding your sessions. It’s definitely helping my running and for the first time in many years I feel that I’m being consistent with my strength and mobility training. I’m currently training for Race to the Stones Ultra so I need all the help I can get!

I struggle with finding time for strength and conditioning, on top of my running and family life, so the 20/30 minute sessions are great for me as I can split it up during the day. I’m also really benefitting from the pre and post-run sessions as I’m guilty of skipping this."

A. Robbie (6 Week Beginner Course)

"Been one of the best things that I’ve done to help reset my posture and benefiting my running. Still working on my balance, it is improving. The benefits of the link is I can do any of the sessions at a time that suits me. Thank you.

Started wk 3 with mobility after my run. I’m enjoying the sessions, they are making me posture aware. Saw my shadow and I immediately straightened up my back and opened out my shoulders. Balance is a work in progress."

S. Otter (Live Classes)

"Many thanks for your help so far the sessions have made a big difference to my running!!"

P. Abbott (Membership)

"As a 3:04 Marathon runner in my younger days, running has always played a huge part in my life, but I have always had a tendency for injury.  Following major knee surgery in 2012 my running has been a roller coaster, getting back to good times and then falling down with injury again - much of which has been due to imbalances following 3 months of non-weight bearing and probably not the correct rehabilitation programme.

Now I am getting older, I find I can't run as much as I used to but the upside of this is that I have more time to focus on cycling and swimming and other activities which will help the running that I can still do.  Since I have started to subscribe to Liz's Pilates for Runners platform, I find that I do find more time to do Pilates and I am feeling the benefit and enjoy it.  Being able to do everything at home and the range of videos from a quick 10 minutes to a full hour (and in between) means that I can fit some Pilates in most days even on my busy days.  As the videos are specifically aimed at runners, you know you are doing the exercises that you will benefit from.

I am coming off another running injury but I know that this time, I have focused on Pilates which will have given me added strength and flexibility so when I do go back to events, I will be will stronger."

D. Wakeford (Membership)

"Can thoroughly recommend these sessions to anyone who is considering them" (Instagram)

Z. Barton (Live Classes)

"I have attended Liz’s Pilate’s classes regularly since April 2020 and although being a little hesitant at first
as to the how the quality of live classes could be replicated via zoom, I have been so impressed at how
well Liz has not only adapted to teaching to a high standard in this way but excels each week with varied,
challenging and fun sequences that help to strength and condition the whole body. 

I have not only remained injury free but have also managed to maintain the ability to race at the same paces despite not having taken part in formal speed training work for many months; I definitely put this down to the runners specific targeted strength work that Liz incorporates into her Pilates for runners classes. 

I can’t recommend these sessions highly enough to any runner who wants to improve and strengthen their
running form and fitness. Liz is great at offering knowledgeable advice and support before, during and
after each session and shows a genuine enthusiasm for her work and pleasure in seeing her clients

S. Edwards (Live Classes and Membership)
"I just wanted to say a big thank you to you, I’ve really loved your classes and really looking forward to carrying on with them next year."

K. Raggett (Live Classes and Membership)

"I have been doing Liz’s online morning Pilates class during lockdown and have thoroughly enjoyed it. She has a lovely warm teaching manner and her enthusiasm is infectious. I like her attention to detail, gentle reminders of the position your body should be in and explanations of why we are doing the movements and how they can help in everyday life. I have found myself using her techniques during HIIT sessions to improve the quality of the workout and whilst running and walking to maintain a better posture and stability."